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Free Divorce Forms

Free Divorce Forms: In states such as Utah, believe it or not 49% of petitioners were self-represented for the year 2006.

With a poor economy, the numbers of people taking advantage of resources like online divorce forms are simply increasing.

The “pro se” rate of people entering courts, a.k.a. those representing themselves, is increasing for good reason.

People are sick and tired of being forced into paying exorbitant attorney’s fees. Self-representation is an affordable, appealing option.

With the use of free divorce forms found online, and an easy how-to guide, people from all classes can become effective self-representing litigants in court.

As a pro se litigant, a judge will expect you to have a strong understanding of the laws affecting your divorce situation.

You will be expected to understand the proper forms to fill out and how to interact with the opposing counsel.

Our website will provide you with a strong primer on finding and utilizing free divorce forms.

Steps To Filing Your Own Divorce

Step One: The first step in taking advantage of free divorce forms is to figure out which ones you need. Determine which state you will be pursuing the divorce. Grab a pen and paper and simply write down every required divorce document for the relevant state.

Every state requires different divorce forms, so this first step is an important part of the process of using free divorce forms. Simply search for self-representation support groups within your relevant state, and typically the websites of these groups will list the required divorce forms for your state. offers a great resource for locating self help programs within your state, that can then help you figure out this checklist of required divorce forms.

Step Two: Second, after you have this list, you can access your required divorce forms for free on this website.

Step Three: The third step is to know what you’re doing in filling out the forms. As you begin to fill out your free divorce forms, make sure you thoroughly understand the directions for filling out these forms for your state. Every state has its quirks in filling out divorce forms and you need to know them.

If you have questions about filling out the free divorce forms, contact the court law library of your county or a legal aide at that library. The court clerk will not offer you advice on how to fill these forms out or which ones are required, so it is useless to ask a court clerk.

Step Four: Fourth, in addition to understanding the directions, make sure you know what the language means in your divorce forms. Also be sure to be attentive while filling out the heading of these documents, since the court system relies upon this information for filing your case. With proper headings on every page, the court can easily keep your file organized and relocate missing pages.

Step Five: The fifth step is to actually answer the questions on the divorce forms. If you are at all confused, take your time to fill out the questions in the best manner. Use outside resources like law school libraries and free services offered by law schools to fill these forms out accurately.

Step Six: The next step to take after your forms are completed is to file the forms with the Family Court of your local courthouse. If you are the petitioner in the case, then you will also be responsible for serving these documents to your spouse. This can be done by a process server, and you can consult with the court for a list in your area.

The last bit of advice in filling out your divorce forms is to stay organized throughout the entire process. Keep folders with all documents and keep track of any papers you sign from your spouse’s attorney. Be diligent with your homework and it will pay off with a successful handling of your divorce situation.