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How To Get An Uncontested Divorce in Colorado

Colorado Uncontested Divorce: A divorce in which both parties agree on every issue in a divorce is uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, the court only needs to review submitted paperwork and either make modifications to divorce documents or just outright approve them if everything is in order.

An uncontested divorce is always the best way to file for divorce because it is cheaper, faster, and generally less emotional.

For this reason, many attorneys will only charge a minimal flat fee, because the entire Colorado uncontested divorce process can be broken down to filling out the correct legal forms, filing them, and attending the final divorce hearing.

If the case is uncontested and all data is gathered, reviewed, and comprehensive then an attorney is not necessary and many resources exist to help people represent themselves.

Uncontested Divorce in Colorado

The Colorado courts have full sets of instruction manuals with all included forms for people filing for an uncontested divorce.

The instruction manual or packet can be obtained free of charge with a simple visit to the court’s website.

Colorado Uncontested Divorce Packet

All of the forms can be downloaded and filled out electronically prior to filing (the forms and instructions are available in a variety of formats).

As long as all instructions in the divorce packet are followed, all paperwork should be in order and can be filed with the Colorado district court in the county where either spouse lives.

Colorado Uncontested Divorce Process

The normal process in obtaining an uncontested divorce in Colorado, is for one party to file a petition and the other party to respond.

The spouse may respond and either agree or disagree. If everything is worked out between the spouses prior to initially filing, the divorce will remain in an uncontested format.

In every uncontested divorce case, a formal agreement between the parties must be achieved and provided to the court in writing.

This document is called a Separation Agreement. The Separation Agreement is a formal court form, but must be provided in all divorce cases to establish how everything involved in the divorce is to be separated.

This agreement outlines how the spouses are dividing martial property, debts, and other agreements such as child issues or alimony. This form, once approved, will become part of the court order.

Children & Uncontested Divorce in Colorado

For cases involving children, an additional form, called a Parenting Plan must be submitted.

The Parenting Plan details how any involved children are to be handled in terms of support, visitation, and custody.

Before the applicable district court will grant a divorce, the couple will have to prove to the court that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

This includes stating that reconciliation is not possible and gives at least one reason why the marriage is broken.

Parenting Course in Colorado

When a child or children are involved, even in an uncontested case, the court may order a parent to attend a special program designed to provide education based on the impact of the divorce on an affected child.

Once the court reviews all of the filed papers, the case is officially ruled on. If everything is approved, the filers will receive a copy of the decree signed by the judge.

At that time, the divorce is final and both parties can move on with their lives.

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