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Kansas Divorce Forms: Anytime a person is representing himself or herself it is termed that they are pro se. Pro se is simply a legal term meaning that there is not attorney. The state of Kansas offers the official forms for all pro se court matters.

Since all matters under law have to follow some type of written record, certain forms need to be filed in the appropriate court.

For those filling out the proper divorce forms, the district court in the county of the filer’s residence is where everything needs to be filed.

Forms for Divorce in Kansas

Kansas divorce forms are available from many sources, both free and paid, and are also available by any family law attorney or legal aid office.

Free Divorce Forms in Kansas

Contacting the applicable District Court is another way to obtain all of the particular forms, but it is important to understand that neither the clerk nor anyone at the courthouse can help with filing the forms.

Kansas Uncontested Divorce Forms

For those filing an uncontested divorce, where both parties agree on everything, the good news is that all forms can be obtained from the state’s forms website free of charge, and the only fees required are the filing fees.

In addition to the forms, at the Kansas Judicial Council’s website, there are also complete instructions on how to file for divorce with or without children involved.

Kansas Petition for Divorce

Every Kansas divorce begins when one or both spouses fill out and file a petition for divorce.

This form contains the name and address of both spouses, the date and city where they were married, and whether or not either of them is requesting spousal support.

In addition to this form, a civil information sheet and domestic relations form must also be filed.

The clerk of the district court uses the civil information sheet to begin a docket.

Kansas Domestic Relations Forms

The domestic relations form lists family, children, income, assets, and anything else that may need to be ruled on throughout the divorce case.

These forms, filed by one individual are all that is required to start a divorce case.

For those filing for divorce with children involved, a Parenting Plan is also required.

Kansas Parenting Plan

The Parenting Plan is provided to the court and signed by both parties in order to establish all issues surrounding the support and care of a child.

With the exception of the Parenting Plan, all documents must be signed in the presence of the clerk of the court or a notary.

Kansas Child Support Worksheet

In addition to the Parenting Plan, prior to the divorce hearing, complete the Kansas Child Support Worksheet in order to establish child support amounts for the child or children affected by the divorce.

Other Kansas divorce forms include a vital statistics worksheet, a Kansas Payment Center Information Sheet (for child support) if applicable, and written proof that the other spouse was notified in the event that the divorce is not uncontested.

Kansas Decree of Divorce

The last form that is necessary to bring to the final hearing is The Decree of Divorce.

Filers should bring three copies of this form with them to the hearing, and at the conclusion of the hearing, the judge will sign the decree, thereby granting the divorce.

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