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Divorce in Missouri

Missouri Uncontested Divorce: When most people separate and decide to divorce, the goal is do it in an amicable manner.

If all assets, children, liabilities, property, and finances are agreed upon in the separation or divorce, then the divorce is considered to be uncontested.

An uncontested divorce is the cheapest and fastest way to get a divorce.

In most counties throughout the state of Missouri, it is not even a requirement to attend a court hearing unless the court needs either spouse to be present for questioning regarding the paperwork presented to the court.

Uncontested Divorce in Missouri

In addition to being the fastest and easiest type of divorce to file, there is no requirement for representation, and often no need, for an expensive attorney.

To aid anyone that is a Missouri representative, the Supreme Court approved a forms package free to anyone to use in order to ensure all of the legal paperwork is accurate and filed properly.

Missouri Uncontested Divorce Process

The process for completing an uncontested divorce in Missouri is not a long or arduous task.

The first step is to obtain all of the forms and both couples fill them out together.

The forms package includes seven forms when no children are involved and one additional form with children.

These forms must be filed in the appropriate county at the circuit court in order to begin the case.

A judge will look over the filed forms, and if everything is in order, will issue a judgment and a certificate of divorce will be created and mailed to both parties, which ends the legal marriage.

Missouri Uncontested Divorce with Children

In cases where children are involved, the eighth form, a Parenting Plan, will be reviewed to ensure that everything is in the best interest of the child before a judgment will be issued.

If the court has any questions of either spouse, a formal hearing may be ordered that one or both parties must attend to answer questions.

The above process is very simplified and only generally covers the process.

Every divorce is slightly different and even state statutes do not cover every possible divorce related issue.

Even in an uncontested case, if the paperwork seems daunting or many questions arise concerning the divorce, the best advice to give anyone is to seek the counsel of an attorney.

In addition to the forms needed in an uncontested case, the court may order additional requirements such as mediation if nothing is agreed upon or either party changes their mind during the case.

In some cases, Missouri uncontested divorce forms can even be filed electronically. Not every county or every court offers electronic filing.

The best method to obtain the correct information is to contact the circuit court clerk’s office to find out about any additional filing options.

As you can see from the explanation above, an uncontested divorce is in everyone’s best interest.

Uncontested divorce makes up over 90% of the divorces filed and granted throughout Missouri.

It is more efficient for both filers and the court, so both couples should attempt to work out all issues surrounding the divorce.

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