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How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Nebraska

Nebraska Uncontested Divorce: Legal resources describe uncontested divorce as one in which both parties to a divorce agree on every issue surrounding property, assets, finances, children, and any other issue that is affected by a legal divorce.

An uncontested divorce is the best choice for anyone seeking dissolution of divorce from a legal body.

When a case is uncontested, people get to agree on every issue rather than have everything decided by a court.

In Nebraska, a divorce hearing is required, but in an uncontested case, it is rarely a long or emotional hearing.

For the most part, the court establishes whether the marriage is irretrievably broken or can be resolved.

Uncontested Divorce in Nebraska

Another advantage of an uncontested case is the amount of time it takes to complete paperwork and resolve the normal issues that cause a divorce to last a long period.

In fact, most attorneys will only charge a flat rate to fill out all required paperwork and file the uncontested divorce.

Nebraska Divorce - Parties in Agreement

For all of the reasons mentioned above, an uncontested Nebraska divorce is in the filer’s best interest as well as the courts best interest.

Since both parties agree on all issues involved in the divorce, the judge only has to review all of the submitted documents, listen to some testimony as to why the marriage is broken, and either approve or deny what the parties are submitting to the court asking for a dissolution.

This is why most of the divorces filed in the state of Nebraska end in an uncontested manner.

To help people seeking to complete a divorce without hiring an attorney, the Nebraska Supreme Court created a website with all the necessary forms and instructions on how to go about filing and which forms are necessary.

The information provided is not only the forms and instructions on how to fill out the necessary forms, but also information on how to conduct oneself in the courtroom when the hearing takes place.

Nebraska Uncontested Divorce Steps

The first step in a Nebraska uncontested divorce process is agreement.

Both individuals need to list all involved property and children, create a complete listing of finances, and agree on the disposition of everything.

Next, obtain the correct forms from the source mentioned above, an attorney, or a document-preparing agency.

Once the forms are obtained, fill all of them out and file them with the district court in the county where either party resides.

Like most states, Nebraska does have forms available for those individuals who may not have enough money to pay for the filing fees.

For all others, the next step is to pay the filing fees and await the notification of a hearing date.

At the hearing, make sure to bring copies of all documents and answer all of the judge’s questions.

Nebraska Divorce - Final Hearing Approval

Once the court has reviewed all of the submitted documents for the uncontested divorce, a judge will rule on the case and “hopefully” finalize the divorce by approving the decree and filling it out.

Once that document is entered into court records, the divorce is final and both parties can move on with their lives.

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