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Divorce in Nevada

Nevada Uncontested Divorce: In order to file for a divorce in an uncontested manner, you and your spouse must agree on everything. An uncontested divorce is basically one in which the Nevada District Court has to do nothing more than ensure everything is in order and approve the divorce.

In fact, with the right resources, almost the entire divorce can be completed online.

The only thing a couple needs to do is sign the forms, some in front of a notary public, and file them with the court.

Many online companies will even handle the filing for a customer engaging their services.

The grounds for an Nevada uncontested divorce, as listed in the Nevada Revised Statutes, are living separate and apart for at least one year, or incompatibility.

Nevada Uncontested Divorce

All a resident needs to do is prove residency and both parties agree to one of the above grounds.

A Nevada uncontested divorce case is always the best option as it is the most expedient and costs the least.

It is the most expedient because it limits the amount of time spent in court, costs the least because of the limited involvement of an attorney or no involvement at all, and it significantly reduces the amount of emotional turmoil that results when a couple chooses to fight in court.

Most attorneys will even offer their services for a relatively cheap flat rate, and a single attorney can represent both parties as everything is worked out before the divorce ever enters the court.

Keep in mind that an attorney is not a necessary part of the uncontested Nevada divorce process, but they can make it easier. Yet another advantage of an uncontested divorce is more privacy for both individuals. This is because there is no haggling or “mudslinging” going on in the courtroom and becoming court records.

There are two methods of obtaining an uncontested divorce in Nevada without even attending a hearing. The first process of filing for an uncontested divorce in Nevada is known as the Joint Petition method.

Essentially, since the spouses agree in the beginning the joint petition becomes a full written agreement to present to the court for approval. The second process for filing is for the plaintiff to file a Complaint for Divorce; the spouse (defendant) is served and provides an answer in full agreement or does not answer in default.

Either process mentioned above in filing an uncontested divorce includes gathering information, gathering all required forms, filing them with the appropriate court, and awaiting a judgment.

To make this process much easier, the Supreme Court of Nevada, and the various counties maintains websites dedicated to self-help information on divorce and a variety of other legal issues.

All of the support materials on these websites are free of charge and forms can be filled out electronically. Another option is to obtain this information from the clerk of the court’s office.

As long as all instructions you receive are followed, all paperwork should be in order and lead to a successful Nevada uncontested divorce case.

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