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Ohio Divorce Forms: Obtaining a dissolution or divorce in Ohio requires certain forms to be filed with the applicable court. In fact, the process begins when a plaintiff files a complaint or a couple files a petition.

The best method of obtaining court forms is to hire an attorney versed in Ohio family law and practices in the particular county where you are seeking a divorce ruling.

Otherwise, you will have to obtain the forms yourself from any one of a variety of locations.

The best location to find approved court forms is the court’s website.

While a handful of statewide forms exist on the Ohio Supreme Court’s website, titled Uniform Ohio Domestic Relations Forms, Affidavits 1-5, these Ohio divorce forms are not the only ones necessary.

Divorce Forms in Ohio

Each county has its own requirements and its own divorce forms, so the best advice is to visit the particular county’s website or contact the clerk of the court prior to filing.

The type of divorce forms needed in an Ohio divorce will change based on the issues involved.

For example, if a divorce or dissolution involves children then additional forms covering custody and child support are required.

The following list of Ohio divorce forms covers divorce/dissolution with and without children involved, but may vary slightly depending on the particular county.

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive, as a variety of unique situations may exist in any divorce case.

• Complaint for Divorce/Petition for Dissolution – This form is the official form that tells the court an individual or couple is requesting a divorce. It sets the basis for the case and is considered the initial document starting the divorce case. The complaint is used when filed by one person and both parties in an uncontested situation file the petition.

• Separation Agreement – This form details a full agreement on how to split assets, finances, property, and debt. If no agreement is reached then a case is contested and a court will make all decisions on how everything is to be split.

• Decree of Dissolution/ Decree of Divorce – This divorce form is used by the court to approve the dissolution or divorce action making the divorce final.

• Summons / Waiver of Summons – This Ohio divorce form is used to let a defendant know that a complaint for divorce has been filed, or the waiver is used when both parties file a petition jointly.

These forms cover divorces/dissolutions where children are involved:

• Notice to Attend Mandatory Education – This divorce form is used to show that both parties must attend a mandatory education course when children are involved in the divorce.

• Guidelines for Parents Living in Different Homes – This form tells the court that you are aware of state and county mandates about shared parenting responsibilities.

• Shared Parenting Plan – This Ohio divorce form is to be filed when an agreement is reached covering the care and custody of involved children.

• Shared Parenting Decree – This form is used by the court to approve the parenting plan.

• Withholding order/Qualified Medical Child Support Order Information Sheet – This form outlines the child support that either parent may be ordered to pay..

As mentioned above, this Ohio divorce forms list does not cover all issues surrounding every divorce, but is provided as a general listing of the forms necessary.

In many counties, there are additional requirements, so anyone filing should consult the clerk of the court’s office in order to ensure all forms and requirements are met.

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