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Oklahoma Divorce Forms: Like all states and counties, Oklahoma divorce forms are available from a variety of locations. Unfortunately, there is no “one stop shop” for statewide-approved divorce forms.

This means that an important step in the divorce process is contacting the district court clerk’s office in the appropriate county before attempting to fill out all paperwork.

To aid residents with this part of the process, many of the courts maintain websites with information and approved forms for use.

Some counties, such as Tulsa County, even have an interactive forms database that guides filers through the forms process.

In addition to court provided websites and the clerk’s office, Oklahoma divorce forms are available at most legal libraries, legal aid agencies, and from family law attorneys.

Divorce Forms in Oklahoma

The volume and type of forms needed in a Oklahoma divorce will change based on the situation of the couple.

For example, if a divorce involves children then additional forms are required covering issues such as child support.

The following list of forms covers divorce with and without children involved.

• Petition for Divorce – This form is the document to begin the divorce.

It outlines the reason for the divorce, identifies the parties, and the relief sought by the petitioner(s).

• Domestic Relations Cover Sheet – This form provides an overview of the divorce case to the court and profiles both the petitioner and the respondent.

• Verification – This Oklahoma divorce form authenticates the petition.

• Marital Separation Agreement – This form spells out the terms and condition of how the couple wishes to handle all property division, debts, and any other issues involved in the divorce. This is the bulk of the agreement in an uncontested case.

• Financial Affidavits – Both the petitioner and the respondent must file a this form with the court listing all finances and assets. This form is used to determine an equitable distribution and may be used to determine child support.

• Child Support Schedule – This Oklahoma divorce form show child support guidelines.

• Child Support Worksheet – This form shows the calculated child support amounts based on Oklahoma statutes.

• Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service – This form is used by the respondent to waive the service process. Generally, this form will only apply to cases where both parties are essentially filing together.

• Notice of Final Hearing – This form is provided to the respondent when a hearing is scheduled.

• Decree of Divorce – This document, once signed, becomes the order granting the divorce and allowing both parties to move forward with their lives divorced. Six months from the date of decree, both individuals can remarry if they wish.

These Oklahoma divorce forms list does not cover all issues surrounding every divorce, but is provided as a general listing of the forms necessary. This list also assumes the divorce is uncontested. In a contested case, many additional forms may be necessary and it is highly recommended to hire an attorney.

As mentioned above, anyone filing should first consult the clerk of the district court’s office in order to ensure all forms and requirements are met.

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