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Divorce in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce: Divorce in an uncontested manner is the way most people in the United States divorce. An uncontested divorce is one in which both parties involved in a divorce agree on the disposition of all property, assets, finances, and children.

This type of divorce is always the best option for any filer(s).

Oklahoma law states that it is not necessary that both spouses attend the final court hearing, only one of the spouses must attend.

When hiring an attorney, an uncontested case is much cheaper due to the limited nature of the involvement.

Essentially the attorney just asks questions and advises one or both parties on the information presented in the divorce forms. In fact, many attorneys will only charge a flat rate for an uncontested divorce.

The process for filing in an Oklahoma uncontested divorce requires that both individuals involved in the divorce have previously agreed on all issues surrounding the divorce.

Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce

A review of the Oklahoma statutes and a discussion on how to split everything is the first step.

The best place to review the statutes and become familiar with the divorce process is the internet.

The state legislature provides the full text of the statutes free for anyone to download.

In addition, many courts offer websites with helpful information covering Oklahoma uncontested divorce.

Another option when there are only some issues being contested is to seek mediation.

Mediation can be voluntary or court ordered, but it is the process of using an impartial party, usually an attorney, to help reach a settlement.

The next step is filling out the required legal forms, filing them with the appropriate district court clerk’s office, and awaiting a hearing date.

There are no statewide-approved legal forms free for download, but many counties, such as Tulsa County, offer free online information, pamphlets, and even interactive forms for residents to fill out.

Uncontested divorces are not only in the filer’s best interest, but also in the Oklahoma District Court’s best interest as well. Since both parties agree on the disposition of everything, all a judge needs to do is ensure the previously filed paperwork is complete and meets legal requirements.

Essentially this means signing a Decree of Divorce and approving a finalized Marital Separation Agreement along with any additional paperwork covering issues surrounding children if applicable.

Once the court reviews all of the submitted Oklahoma divorce forms, a judge will make a decision based on what was submitted and hopefully grant the divorce by finalizing the divorce orders.

Contested cases can require several conferences and/or hearings depending on how much information the court needs to make a final decision on the case, which means contested cases take much longer to complete and divorce seekers should seek the counsel of an attorney.

This is because not all hearings will yield an immediate decision. If issues are in dispute, the court may want more facts before yielding any decision, which is why filing Oklahoma uncontested divorce, where both parties agree to all issues is always the best option.

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