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Divorce in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Divorce Forms: In a Pennsylvania divorce, certain legal forms are necessary in order to obtain a divorce through the Court of Common Pleas. The plaintiff is the person filing for the divorce and the defendant is the person being divorced.

Before any plaintiff begins a divorce, he or she should first compile all information regarding finances, property, children, and any other issue that may arise in the upcoming divorce case.

The goal of anyone should be to get his or her spouse to agree on every issue and keep the case in an uncontested format.

The forms necessary in any divorce case are dependent on the issues involved in the divorce and local rules established by the county.

Before obtaining all necessary Pennsylvania divorce forms, contact the clerk of the court in the county of filing. As briefly mentioned above, the Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas (often termed the family court) covers divorce cases.

Divorce Forms in Pennsylvania

Unfortunately, there are very few standard Pennsylvania divorce forms available for use throughout the state.

However, the following list covers the general divorce forms used in a Pennsylvania divorce but is not all-inclusive as it is only meant to be a general list.

• Civil Court Cover Sheet – This form identifies the parties and the legal action. It is completed when the complaint is filed and applies to all counties with the exception of Philadelphia County where a Domestic Relations Information Sheet is used.

• Affidavit or Verification – This Pennsylvania divorce form is attached to the complaint to certify the truth of the complaint.

• Notice to File Social Security Numbers – This form is used to list both social security numbers of the divorcing individuals.

• Waiver of Notice of Intention to Request Entry of Divorce under 3301(d) of the Divorce Code – This form is used when the defendant does not wish to contest the divorce.

• Notice to Defend and Claim Rights (Summons) – This form is served to the defendant letting him or her know that a lawsuit is filed against them and they need to file an answer unless they wish the case to proceed in default.

• Complaint for Divorce – This Pennsylvania divorce form is the primary document used to file for divorce. It identifies the parties and states the ground for divorce.

• Decree of Divorce – The decree is the form the court uses to effectively order the divorce final and all agreements final. Once signed by the Family court judge, the divorce is finalized.

• Marital Property Settlement Agreement – This document lists all agreements made on property, debts, finances, and any other issue surrounding divorce. The court will look over this document to ensure it is fair and in compliance with the law. This is used in uncontested cases to show agreement between spouses, and is in the best interest of everyone because an agreement is always the best option.

• Domestic Relations Income and Expense Statements – This form lists all assets, liabilities, and expenses. Both parties involved in the divorce must complete it, giving the court a complete picture of the financial disposition.

• Child Support Guidelines Worksheet – This Pennsylvania divorce form lists child support that the non-custodial parent must pay.

As stated above, this list of forms is a general list and does not include specific forms approved for use in each county. Contacting the clerk’s office in any of the counties can be done either in person, via phone, or via the internet. The Pennsylvania Unified Judicial website lists addresses and phone numbers for all of the Family Courts.

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