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Tennessee Divorce Forms: The divorce process in any state requires certain and accurate divorce forms before a court can rule on a case. Obtaining Tennessee divorce forms is not an arduous task if one knows where to look.

The best source for approved court forms is the county clerk’s office where the divorce is being filed, as this is the office that begins both a contested and uncontested divorce case.

Many of the clerks’ offices will also provide you with instructions on how to complete the case pro se.

In addition to this office, many official websites are maintained with pamphlets and forms covering divorce in the various counties throughout the state.

Other source for Tennessee divorce forms can be family law attorneys, most legal libraries, or from a variety of websites.

Divorce Forms in Tennessee

The number of forms needed in a Tennessee divorce case will change based on the issues involved.

For example, if a divorce involves children then additional forms covering custody and child support are required.

The following list of Tennessee divorce forms covers divorce with children and without children involved.

• Complaint (with or without children) – This form, outlines the case, and lists all claims made by the filer in support of the divorce ground. In some counties this form is referred to as a Petition for Decree of Divorce.

• Separation and Property Settlement Agreement – Every couple should seek a full agreement on how to split all property. This form is what outlines any and all agreements to the court. In an uncontested case, the court only has to review this document to ensure that it meets legal requirements.

• Summons – This divorce form is used to let the non-filing spouse or defendant that a divorce case has been filed and requires his or her answer.

• Final Decree of Divorce - This is the final form used to approve the divorce and is signed by the judge and entered into the court records.

• Affidavit of service – This divorce form tells the court that the petitioner completed service of the initial forms.

• Parenting Plan – This form, when not attached to the initial petition, outlines the full agreement as to which party maintains custody and support of any involved children.

• Financial Affidavit – This form outlines all finances for each party to both the court and each other in a divorce case. It is also used to make child support determinations.

• Acceptance of Service – This divorce form is used to show that the respondent accepted service.

The above Tennessee divorce forms list does not cover all issues surrounding every divorce, but is provided as a general listing of the forms necessary. In addition, there may be forms missing from the list above because most forms packets provided by the various counties mix multiple forms types into one packet.

In many counties, there may be additional requirements, so anyone filing divorce forms should first consult the clerk of the circuit or chancery court’s office in order to ensure all forms and requirements are met before considering all paperwork complete.

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