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Texas Divorce Forms: The steps and type of forms necessary to complete a divorce case varies slightly between the various states throughout the United States.

Texas residents will find this statement also true as and ensuring that you have the correct forms to obtain a Texas divorce is one of the main components to a successful case.

Like many legal issues, divorce forms are available from a variety of sources.

Obtaining approved forms is not as hard as one might imagine.

The best source for approved court forms is the official web site of the county court or the specific county’s self-help website.

Another option is to find third party companies that work with the courts throughout the state to provide accurate Texas divorce forms for every county.

In addition to these websites, legal forms can be obtained from family law attorneys, at most libraries, or from the clerk of the court’s office.

Divorce Forms in Texas

The number of forms needed in a Texas divorce case will change based on the issues involved.

Specifically, a divorce case has different forms between a contested and uncontested case.

The following list of Texas divorce forms covers the majority of the forms needed in a Texas divorce case.

To ensure all necessary forms are filled out correctly, contact the clerk’s office in the particular county where the divorce is being filed.

This list of Texas divorce forms does not include all forms specific to children or child support. Anyone divorcing with children must complete additional forms covering financial and care information.

• Petition for Divorce – This is the main form asking the court for a divorce to be granted. It lists everything the petitioner (person filing for the divorce) is asking in terms of property, finances, and involved children.

• Waiver of Service – This Texas divorce form is filled out by the respondent and waives service; thereby, waiving the right to know what will be ordered in the case until it is over. This form tells the court that it can make any and all decisions without further notice to the respondent (used primarily when a joint petition was created).

• Answer – This is the form the respondent used to answer the original petition. In an uncontested case the answer will be filed in agreement, whereas in a contested case, the answer will be disagree with the original petition.

• Family Court Cover Sheet – This is the document used by the clerk’s office to create the file for the case. It outlines the type of case and who is involved and applies to both a contested and uncontested case.

• Decree of Divorce – This Texas divorce form must be filled out by both parties in an uncontested case. It contains everything that makes up the final order or decree. If both parties completed the petition together or there is agreement on the petition, the full agreement is detailed in the decree and becomes a court order once the judge has signed it.

• Parenting Plan – This form is attached to the final decree as a plan outlining the full care of any involved children. Through various exhibits (attachments) it contains custody, rights and duties, visitation, child support, medical support, and family information.

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