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Utah Divorce Forms: Obtaining the right legal forms and the right information when filling out divorce forms can be a major step in the Utah divorce process.

Typical sources for divorce forms in Utah include attorneys practicing in Utah family law, legal aid offices, law libraries, the court clerk’s office, or online resources.

For people wishing to represent themselves, the Utah State Courts created a website with an Online Court Assistance Program.

This assistance program is much like many document preparing agencies offer by being a fully online interactive program that petitioners can use to fill out every necessary form for a divorce.

Other sites offer Utah divorce forms that can be downloaded to any computer along with instructions on how to fill out each one and the purpose of each form.

Divorce Forms in Utah

The key thing to remember for any searcher is that all Utah divorce forms need to be filled out as completely and accurately as possible in order to avoid problems with the case.

The number and type of forms utilized in a divorce case depends on all of the issues involved.

For example, different forms are used depending on whether children are involved or there are unique issues such as businesses.

The following list is designed to cover the major divorce forms needed in most Utah divorces.

As mentioned above, it is best to contact the court or hire an attorney to ensure you have all necessary forms before filing a divorce case.

• Cover Sheet for Civil Filing Actions – This Utah divorce form is used by the court for statistical and tracking purposes. It lists the type of case and the case number along with the individuals involved in the case.

• Verified Petition for Divorce - This divorce form sets the basis for the divorce and outlines all of the legal issues surrounding the divorce. This is essentially the form where the filer(s) will ask the court for the divorce and establish the outline of the case and all involved issues.

• Marital Settlement Agreement – This divorce form sets up any agreement between the divorcing parties in terms of how everything will be split. “Everything” in this case involves debts, finances, actual property, any assets, and if applicable, even issues that may involve children.

• Acceptance of Service, Appearance, Consent, and Waiver – This divorce form is returned to the petitioner by the respondent stating that he or she is in agreement with the terms and conditions of the original petition. This is the document that makes the divorce officially contested or uncontested.

• Affidavit of Income Verification and Compliance with Child Support Guidelines– This form sets up child support amounts that either party will need to pay when children are involved in a divorce. It also lists all income for both the court and the other party as it must be filled out by both the petitioner and respondent.

• Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law – This Utah divorce form establishes the court’s evaluation of the case.

• Decree of Divorce – This is the official document that ends the divorce once the judge has completed it with a signature.

These Utah divorce forms listed above are just the general forms used in a Utah divorce case and should not be utilized as the complete list of all necessary forms. Depending on the issues involved in your case, you may need more forms for the divorce to be complete.

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